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clip from last year's "the town" in it, ben afleck asks a friend to join him filing bankrupt. democrats say that shows republicans are using the debt crisis to hurt the president. >> it's under scored their desire to hurt people. >> republicans said baloney. >> it's a movie, not reality. get a life. >> elsewhere, credit rating agencies warn they'll down grade the nation's credit without a deal that cuts the debt. >> there has to be a credible plan to reduce the deficit level. >> boehner's plan to increase for half a year has, until now, failed to garner support of tea party conservatives. the congressional budget office says it saves just $850 billion, far less than $1.2 trillion advertised and there is little chance of support. senate majority leader harry reid's rival plan cuts $2.2 trillion. republicans complain it's full of gymics w less than a week
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to go until the nation defaults on the debt, no bill appears able to pass. reporting live in washington for abc 7 news, larry and carolyn, back to you. >> john, what happens if congress can't cut a deal or agree on a short term deal? >> if they can't cut a deal, that is a catastrophe. if there is a short term deal, credit agencies are warning they can still down grade credit that, could be bad news. home loans could go up a half percent. if there is a mortgage of 172,000s thadz could cost you extra $19,000 and retirement accounts could be down 6.3%. and and that means average investors could lose $9,000 on that. >> i'm sure we're going to talk about a lot more. and thanks for the time. >> an incomprehensible assault
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in oakland early this morning. a man was shot in the head feeding the homeless with his family. his wife and one daughter were injured as well. this shooting happened in the 1,000 block of 47th avenue. and in oakland police are calling this senseless d they have leads? >> well, they've got witnesses, carolyn, and it's about to start. at this point they don't have motives and don't have any suspects. people we're talking to here what happened this morning is as low as kit get. a man out feeding the homeless is just gunned down. he's known as brother john. and just about everyone out here knows him. at least once per week, brother john, his wife and two young daughters pass out home-cooked meals to east oakland homeless. >> they came out hire to feed us last night. >> that meal of fish served in the shadow of the bart tracks and out of the back of brother john's van on 47th avenue may
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be his last. and this could be the last man brother john ever helped. >> if that brother john's van, stopped back up and then, three shots. then, i ducked. then two more shots. >> this shooter fired into the van with brother john and his family inside. a 29-year-old brother john shot in the head, now clinging to life. his wife grazed by a bullet, one daughter shot in the arm and the other, not injured. police do not have a motive for a shooting they can only describe as senseless. >> they were just trying to do a good deed and feed people that are less fortunate than they were. >> reporter: everyone on the streets knows brother john's name, few seem to know more about him than that, except bill, who called these streets home 20 years, once brother john looked for help from one person he was there to serve. >> one time he stopped and said bill, you know i don't
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think they appreciate what i do for them. i said brother john, as long as one person appreciates what you do that, is good. >> and without a doubt, people on the streets of east oakland appreciate brother john. very little is known about his identity. police are not releasing it for his safety. we know he did work with a church. we don't know which yet. police aren't releasing a vehicle description but the witness says the car he saw was a late model turquoise astro van. that is the car he saw drive away early this morning around 212:30 in east oakland there. is a $25,000 reward for any arrests in this case. and right now we're live in east oakland. >> thank you. and the brother of a man killed in a police-involved shooting in san francisco bay view district is under arrest. the 21-year-old was taken into custody monday night in seattle. and san francisco police say his brother shot himself to
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death falling after being hit by a bullet that. round and one that killed harding were of different calibers, four separate investigations into this death are underway. >> police are looking for a woman whose robbed the same san francisco credit union twice in the past two weeks. and take a look at the surveillance video from the latest robbery, on monday. it went down at sf fire credit union. police say the robber walked up to a teller, pull aid gun, took money and then, ran. the woman is in her mid to late 30s about five feet five inches tall, weighing around 200 pounds. >> pleasanton's only no-kill animal shelter is in desire straits tonight, on the verge of being forced to permanently close doors. the valley humane society served the tri valley area facing staffing cuts if it doesn't raise $125,000 in the next 30 days. and donations are down 31%
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because of the economy. >> we would love a dollar. any amount helps us. and everyone gave us $1 in the tri valley, we'd be absolutely set. we're not asking for people to make huge donations we're just asking for people to offer us some assistance. >> humane society gets no local, state or federal funding. vhs lowered number of animals it cares for by half f you'd like to help there is a link on the web site abc 7 >> macro plastic is open for ace back after this today in fairfield following yesterday's massive fire. that fire burned about 15,000 plastic agricultural bins in the storage yard of the macro plastics taking crews through hours to bring the fire under could be tro. and there were 120 firefighters on the scene. >> we had assistance of 15 other agencies. as soon as we got enough personnel, our goal yesterday
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was to contain this fire to the property limits. we were able to do that. >> investigators say the employees accidentally spark that had fire doing maintenance work in the storage yard. >> turning to international news. massive frooding in south korea is blamedded for 36 deaths. victims include 10 college students, they were doing volunteer work. a mudslide engulfed the building they were staying in. others died after mud crashed through their home. the death toll is expected to rise. dozens of people are still missing. crews have been rescuing people's stuff on top of cars and homes and it's been raining there three weeks now. and on 620 people have been left homeless. >> and approaching 10th anniversary of september 11th there are new terror returns. abc news learns just before his death, osama bin laden was urging an al qaeda off shoot to plan and carry out
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terrorist attacks. >> u.s. officials are convinced al qaeda's central he'dership in pakistan and afghanistan have been pushed to the brink of collapse. and they're concerned about its affiliate in somalia's ability to strike within the us use probably the next, most significant terror threat may emnate from the al qaeda presence in somalia. >> abc news learned before he died, osama bin laden had been secretly urging al qaed's affiliate in somalia to target the u.s.. and many there is a civil war alongside islamic radicals, sources tell abc news 40 have trained and fought there in three years alone, including three suicide bombers. >> not al qaeda nor any facilities have come close to drawing muslim americans and
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westerners to jihad. >> the recruits have come from across the country. california, minnesota, illinois, missouri, new york, new jersey, virginia, alabama, and texas. >> they continue to call for strikes against the united states. as a result we cannot and will not let our guard down. >> there is disturbing evidence the group is forging an alliance with aggressive al qaeda affiliate in yemen. a senior al shabazz leader was captured on evidence with planning weapons in explosives training. >> and u.s. attorney general eric holder agreed to meet with september 11th family member who's may have been caught up in the uk hacking scandal a cording to a tabloid an investigator says he was contacted by ous -- the news of the world" to retrieve phone records of the september 11th victims. and the fbi is investigating.
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and what they intend to do if they've occurred. >> still head this afternoon right now, spencer christian is getting warmer and warmer. it's going to continue to get warmer for a while. and there is some areas of fog moving in the bay. it will be mild this evening, temperatures from 56 to 76. earl i in the morning, low clouds hanging around. temperatures 54 to about 62 degrees. clouds clearing away. and there is a sunny afternoon and around the bay. temperatures will be rising. we'll have high temperatures from 66 down the coast to mid-90s in warmest inland locations there. is more still to come in the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. >> and still ahead, governor brown torpeedoes a plan to bring back state funding for adult day care. the governor says it just isn't necessary. >> government agrees to take a look at lifting a decades-old
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ban on gay men donating blood. >> new research that says a high tech way to detect breast cancer may be a waste of money. >> 4:11 on a wednesday afternoon. this is the skyway in downtown san francisco. slow going in both directions. i came in over the bay bridge. road work is just a mess, continuing this afternoon. we'll keep you posted as we continue at 4:00.
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california was considered a national model for keeping adults out of nursing home. >> but state fund adult day care is going to a in just a
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couple months. >> hundreds of adult day care centers like this one behind me will end up just like this and 17 others state wide, closed for good. looks like funding will disappear by december 1. the legislature zeroed out funding for the centers and governor jerry brown vetoed a replacement program that could wo have kept service goesing for neediest 35,000 seniors and patients. california was once the model for adult day health care, helping the frail population live independently instead inform an expensive nursing home. the center has provided a space plais to socialize, exercise, get a healthy meal and receive simple medical care during the day. now, thousands of families will have to figure out what to do with their loved one. governor brown says without the tax extensions, more cuts
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were necessary to get this mess in order. >> i just think that this is so sad. in the end of their live, they need us the most that we're not there for them. >> when you don't have billions of dollars to cut. when it comes to adult day care, we're going carefully and slowly to transition these individuals, vulnerable californians into an appropriate program. >> the governor says the state is looking into nalt tiff services like medical. critics say most don't qualify for them, which is why adult day hnl care was createdded in the first place. now, california will join west virginia as the only state without adult day health care. critics predict many will end up in emergency rooms.
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>> thank you. >> the federal government is considering ending the policy that bars gay men from donating blood. it was by any man who had homosexual sex, put into affect after the aids pandemic. yesterday the department of health asked experts on blood donation to re-examine that policy to see there is a way to let some homosexuals donate blood. the red cross oppose a blanket poll sigh new research shows getting a computer-aided mammogram may be a waste of time and money. the detection costs up to 15% more than a traditional mammogram according to uc davis researchers who analyzed 1.6 million mam yo grams for the study it led to increased false positive results. and researchers believe part of the problem may be part of the radiologists don't always
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use technology to the full affect. a legal victory for supporters of embryonic stem cell research stem cell research, dismissing a lawsuit that threatened to end all federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. found the research violated the law prohibiting taxpayer financing for work that harmed an employee. the obama administration argues embryos were long ago yugsing private funding. experts are hoping it can one day cure spinal cord injuries and other ailment autos we're told there would be a warm up. and it did materialize. >> and no doubt. >> and we have temperature readings in the 90s. and it's going to get warmer. and goitsing to warm up and here is a live view right now. this is over downtown san
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francisco there, is a finger of fog. there is a massive marl now and we do have slow clouds atd the coast. and there is what has been happening this afternoon. there is an area of counterclockwise circulation. strong enough to pull some of the low clouds and fog away from some spots along the coast. so there is some sunny skies inland and around the bay. and it's warm. as i mentioned, 93 degrees in livermore and 90 in concord. and 84 in fairfield. and 86 down in los gatos. and there is areas of fog continuing to move along the coast and warmth will hold throughout the weekend. overnight tonight will be mild, qen. and on we go to the satellite
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showing that trough in the jet stream. we're talking about a lift and a huge mass of warm air. advancing westward, afding to the warming trend which is going to continue. tomorrow, highs mid to upper 80s up to 91 in los gatos, mostly 80s, 78 in san mateo. 66 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, we'll top out at 69 tomorrow, 65 in sunset. and north bay highs will be warm, mid to upper 80s and up to 99 in ukiah. highs upper 70s to low 90s and looking for highs near the bay and low 90s inland. and the accu-weather forecast
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we'll have mid-90s and temperatures will taper off, bouncing back to mid-90s, wednesday, 90s around the coast and over the weekend. and will be warm for a while. >> and some hollywood beauties bust out their bling on the red carpet devoted to jewelry. >> and actor toby mcgwire accused of running a ponzy scheme. >> this looks like actor toby mcgwire is headed to court surrounding high stakes poker games. the spiderman star and 21 others are being sued by a bank rupsy trusty, money won from a man convicted of running a ponzy scheme. mcgwire's lawyers say he did nothing wrong. it's been four days since the death of amy winehouse. now, her album is back on the charts. the back to black album sits
4:21 pm
at number nine. police are waiting for extended toxicology results to find out the cause of death. it was all about bling last night in some of the most fashion forward ladies celebrated a new collection. from court any kardashian to lacey swimmer, they got a look at the hottest new design autos i have many of her pieces. they're just unique and different. >> the starlit ladies say the collection is perfect for standing out on the red carpet. >> coming up, on the news at 4:00 how researchers are fighting malaria with a mosquito trap that smelz like stinky feet? if you've wanted to own a ghost down, now is your answer. >> and location, location, location. in californians live. the role it plays on their view of the economy. >> living here, do you have to
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put up with traffic. this is interstate 80. it's heavy. and slow going for folks heading to san francisco. >x?x?xo
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believe it or not, scent of stinky feet being used to help combat the spread of malaria in after rickin nations. researchers developed a potent serum that is similar to that of human foot odor to lure and kill mosquitoes. apparently mosquitoes are attracted to the smell. researchers are now using the serum to nab the mosquitoes. malaria kills about 800,000
4:25 pm
people per year so, this is serious. most victims are children in africa. >> if you've dreamed of owning a ghost town, now is the chance. a woman is selling 42 acres in south dakota including a tiny town of scenic, once a cowboy town. there are nine residents there now. but it includes a saloon, post office and two stwor stores. asking price is $800,000. >> looks run down, carol. >> yes. >> and still, what a deal. >> yes. yes. >> and fixer upper. a burglar. >> how he ended up in crutches after an incident in a san francisco hotel. >> and trashy protests by neighbors living near bank-owned homes. they say banks need to do a better job. >> and we do see low clouds and fog at the coast, advancing across the bay. but don't expect a cool down soon. my accu-weather forecast is coming up. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. here is a bizarre story out of san francisco. one of the best-known game show hosts on television found himself in jeopardy this morning he says he found a woman who was in his room, burglarizing his hotel room in san francisco. we are live with what is the latest on alex tribec.
4:29 pm
>> he was in the bay area to host the "national geographic" world championships at google head quarters in mountain view. last night, he and his wife stayed over at the marriott hotel behind me. and about 2:30 this morning they were awakened by a noise. he says he saw an intruder, police say she turned out to be a 56-year-old burglar with a criminal record. he chased her down the hallway, confronted her and said he was going to call security. she bolted and he chased her and he tore his achilles tendon. he fell, he injured his other leg. but he showed up today at google, and this is how he introduced himself to the young audience. >> so i'm going start today with an answer to a question i suspect is on many of your minds right now. the answer is... at 2:30
4:30 pm
yesterday morning chasing a burglar down the hall at my san francisco hotel. >> the suspect was hate hater apprehended by security inside of the hotel. they recovered some of the stolen items minus the cash near an ice machine. >> near an ice machine that. was lieutenant troy dangerfield, spokesman for the san francisco police department. she was arrested by hotel security. she's in jail now awaiting charges. so the good thing about this story is that as brazen as this was, his life was never in jeopardy. >> and do we know what she took from the hotel room? >> we do know. he says there was cell phones, there was jewelry, including a
4:31 pm
sentimental value, a bracelet that his mother had given him. the cash has not been recovered either. >> any word on how the burglar, i suspected burglar managed to get inside of the room? >> that is a question. i did say as he awoke, and saw the silhouette, he noticed light coming twine the door and wall and noticed a piece of paper that obviously the intreed truder stuffed to keep the door open for a fast get away. and do police know if she'd targeted any other rooms in the hotel? >> no. but again, police won't say what her criminal record s we're told she's well known as a bhar. >> and a group in san francisco central subway project accused muni officials
4:32 pm
are purposely deceiving the public this, afternoon, maybes of -- members of save muni presented members with a budget. they questioned figures and said real start to finish travel times are actually slower than taking the bus. >> one stop in chinatown. connect the dots, ladies and gentlemen. and you'll see this boondoggel is going to impact china town's unfavorable bli. >> and there is service along muni lines including stockton street corridor. >> a light rail vehicle line is higher than any other line in the city. and will be highly productive. a grand jury reports the central subway and people in
4:33 pm
san jose fed wupt way local banks are maintaining foreclosed homes took matters into their hands today. 20 community activists delivered three trash bags to a branch. the garbage came from a property owned by wells fargo. the group left the bank when asked to move and enforcement officials say they're haefr hearing the message loud and clear i. >> i agree with the message. the community should call code enforcement. they see a property abandoned, give us a call. i'll have an officer out there to take a look. >> and bank of america is promising to pay maintenance fines. >> and a judge is now considering several options for an opt-out program for those who don't want a pg&e smart meter. there are different prop yots yoes yalz today. the cpuc is requiring pg&e to come out with a program, some who oppose worry the wireless
4:34 pm
technology poses a health risk. others feel they're not getting the right advantage was them. pg&e wants to offer them a radio off option, they'd get a smart meter but meter reader could come to those homes. >> i have determined the radio off option is the most feasible for us. and that is the option we've put forth. >> there is a radio off smart meter and the judge will decide on the opt out options, and as expected to announce a decision in september. >> big sports news this afternoon. we turn our attention to san francisco giants to have a new bat in the line up tomorrow, perhaps, there is a trade in the works sending top pitching prospects zach wheeler to the mets that can become official tomorrow.
4:35 pm
and he can be in a giants uniform. the giants struggled lately and belltran might be the bat they need. expect him to hit in the middle of the order. and that is a get. >> giants are signaling and going for it. >> and it's just head. frightening moments for a father taking a trip with his son. the leap of faith he had to take when his 3-year-old tumbled towards a water fall. >> volunteers who are stepping in to clean state parks, some are in danger of shutting down. >> and take a look at traffic now. there are things moving smoothly. there is lovely weather here. spencer christian is here with a look at the forecast. >> and there is a heat wave spread across the country.
4:36 pm
and up in the upper mid west into great lakes, thunderstorms as well. despite quiet nature, it's still hot. and there is 101 in st. louis. 90 in chicago. these places are humid, too. some warmth is spreading into the bay area, how will that affect our weather? affect our weather? i'll le[ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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an oregon father took a literal leap of faith to save his young son. the family was enjoying a view from a state park. their 3-year-old tumbled 60 feet down towards a water fall. his father jumped in after him. not knowing whether either would survive. >> this is the face of a very lucky little boy. thanks to his quick-thinking dad. he and his parents were at oregon's silva falls state park. the boy fell over the railing. >> i heard him say mommy look i'm sitting down. as soon as i turned around he was over and falling. >> there was one second thing, we lost sight of him. we saw him fall down. >> a little kid fell 60 feet.
4:40 pm
>> six, zero? >> six, zero. >> i just started screaming and i didn't know what to do. >> they didn't waste a second. ignoring his fear of heights, he jumped over the railing. >> i didn't know where i was going to land. instinct. >> he slid down to his son and held on. praying they'd not slip down the fall 177 feet to the falls. >> i feared he was going to go down to where the rocks are. >> onlookers near the base of the water fall helped them make their way down safely. father and son, shaken, but alive. his parents took him to the hospital to make sure he was okay. despite that fall, he only suffered a few scratches. abc news, los angeles. >> and volunteers are doing more than just picking up trash in a state park slated to close next summer. they trimmed bushes, cleared paths and dug holes for exercise stations.
4:41 pm
that is the open space that is around the stadium. park rangers depend on people from the community to perform these tasks because of cuts. >> we're short staffed and there is a long project. i'm not sure when we'd be able to dwot see. this is a big help to the parks and to the public who wants to enjoy parks. >> efforts like today's will be more critical if the state cuts off all funding in july for candle stick park. and if you're considered in helping out we have a link to the california state parks foundation. >> there is a traffic update. we're getting word highway 152 is closing in both directions. that is because of a crash that took place in gilroy. and no word on when that road will reopen. >> also ahead, latest move by one major auto maker that could make cd players in cars a thing of the past.
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>> and a viral video adding a beat to all of the bickering in washington over the debt ceiling. ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are.
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for those of you who remember 8 track players in the car, ford is pulling the plug on cd players in the new models. the companies opting to go with usv sockets instead. and there is a hub will allow music off the spread. and a proposal to raise fuel economy standards stalled. that and some comic relief coming out of the showdown over the debt ceiling. gridlock in washington continues to make a mark on wall street. dow and nasdaq falling as lawmakers still no closer to reaching a deal on raising the federal debt limit. it's now being moved on you tube, take a listen.
4:46 pm
there are is a much-needed comic relief as democrats and republicans continue to wrestle over the plans z lastly an update to tell you about. "wall street journal" says six of the largest u.s. auto makers have now endorsed the obama administration's new fuel economy standards. and have agreed to support the plan. nissan also jumped on board. administration is facing resistance from toyota. >> and we want to know how economic down turn is affecting you. we'd like to hear your personal testimonial how it's changed or impacted your life. just record it and up load it to us here at you report so we can tell your story. >> and a warning from 7 on your side's michael finney if you're racking up rewards points on your credit card.
4:47 pm
why you can end up frustrated. >> and also ahead why some are calling for regulations to keep companies from tracking your digital fingerprints. how easy it is to find your personal information. >> then, later at 5:00 court ruling where the force worked against local film maker george lucas and storm troopers, stay with us.
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those rewards points can be easy to get. and all of this with your credit card, you'll earn rewards points. >> however, as 7 on your side explains when it comes to claiming those points, you can end up frustrated and sitting on an unredeemed stockpile. all karen steelly wanted was a free exercise bike like these to add to her home gym. she saved up points for years. >> i live spinning.
4:51 pm
it's my favorite thing to do. >> all melissa wanted was a flight to hawaii. she paid for grad school and business expenses with plastic to save the miles. >> we were stockpiling and watching them, watching them add up these women tried to cash in points, they hit a dead end. >> i tried to buy the bike for six months. ever time ientn, it was out of stock. >> the bike was discontinued. melissa says she picked a flight and moments later when she went to book it it was no longer available. >> that was the only date that worked for use karen and melissa aren't the only frustrated consumers. that better business bureau doesn't track complaints about points specifically, it does tell us that a quick review of the card file shows hundred of complaints about rewards. and in a survey shows at least $16 billion in points go unredeemed that. is about $205, wasted per u.s. household. the top reasons people don't
4:52 pm
redeem rewards, they forget or don't have the points. some sites charge a fee to sell or trade points. the chair woman of the retail and advertising market association does admit not all programs make it easy for to you claim a prize. >> is the fault, if we make soit hard for you to redeem cards. >> how can you be sure to get rewards? before you sign up, know the rules about a company's program. and pick the one that has lowest point requirement to get a reward, then stick to that retailer or use that one card to reach your goal faster. >> and our reward is having spencer christian. >> i like the sound of that. say it again. and there is a look at tomorrow morning. very early there is some low
4:53 pm
clouds and fog moving inland and barn back to the coastline. this will be low clouds and fog, remaining along the coastline tomorrow, sunny skies around the bay skpinland. high temperatures ranging from mid-60s on the coast, which is mild, to 70s and 80s ash the bay to mid to upper 90s into warmest inland locations. there is some high at concord. looking at highs up north, 99 in yu kaia. and 94 in clover dale. we'll see 70s and 80s around the bay. 69 in san francisco. and a bit to the south, near monterey bay, looking for mid 70s in watsonville skpinland, gilroy and morgan hill into low to mid-90s, state wide, things are warming up. and there is a high of 101 tomorrow, sacramento, chico, 99. you'll find 107 the high in palm springs. 80s in los angeles. 91 yosemite. then, on friday, we'll see
4:54 pm
warming continuing state wide up to 100 in sacramento. 101 in chico. and 103 in fresno. 82 in los angeles. 79 in big sur. 92 in yosemite. 84, tahoe. heat goes on. and this is going to last for a while. sandhya will have more on the accu-weather forecast. >> and thank you, spencer. >> and it may surprise to you know every time you log on to the internet every web site has information on what you look at online and there could be a treasure trove. >> did you know companies track every web site you visit and keep a record of everything. there is a unique profile that is built by the specialized companies. >> we don't really know who clients are. so they may be selling this
4:55 pm
tick nolg to banks or online advertising companies. and that is the bigger concern. >> peter is a technologyist with electronic frontier foundation. a civil liberties group he says digital fingerprinting is a violation of every aspect of the privacy. >> there should abe right to read what you want. >> people don't understand what is out there. >> and the director of threat intelligence for secure works says digital fingerprints are used for personal marketing and advertising campaign autos you don't want anyone to use it. when companies aggregate. you can make it a target for hackers and everybody and can that guy be tracked? absolutely. he's being tracked now. everything you do online, if you're using a public web site, or any kind of online service they're tracking everything
4:56 pm
you're doing. >> security experts are concerned right now there is no practical way to stop companies from using this technology. and that the best defense is to be a a.ware everything you do online is being watched. >> and that is is a senate bill stopping companies from tracking online movement autos experts say the best thing to do is just to be aware skpb sure to keep your anti-viral programs up to date. >> and finally a sense of relief today for folks in one philadelphia neighborhood after authorities finally raided this house that was filled with all sorts of exotic animals. >> and officers removed dozens of animals from the home including this alligator, turtle as well. some of the animals were dead, and mummified. >> neighbor says they've been calling spca there for years. it and was only yesterday that officers came to the house and what triggered the visit? homeowner found sitting naked outside. that is what it took.
4:57 pm
those living nearby say the smell was unbearable. >> like the scary house, nasty house. >> turn that corner. you drop to your knees. it stunk, so much. >> we were here over two hours, and never knew an alligator was buried in the junk nft basement. we started moving stuff away. >> bizarre. homeowner and is charged with animal cruelty. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00. >> news at 5:00 continues right now with dan ashley. >> bright idea, wrong time. a family of hour a -- four attacked while doing a good deed. the father tonight clinging to live. >> alex trabek in the bay area and the force is legally working against star wars film maker george lucas. >> good evening, i'm dan
4:58 pm
ashley. cheryl jennings is off. no good deed goes unpunished is an old saying that should never be true. tonight, it s a man is shot in the head feeding the homeless with his wife and two children. abc 7 is live in oakland tonight with a story. first off, how is this man doing? how is sne its not looking g sadly he is on life support at a hospital here in oakland. police are calling these life-threatening injuries and possibly what is still to come now and we found out and he is known simply as brother john. and just about everyone out here knows him. at least once per week, he, his wife and two young daughters pass out home-cooked meals to the homeless. >> we'll have everything.
4:59 pm
starving whatever, he'd stop and give you food. >> he came out here to feed us last night. fries and fried fish. >> that meal of fish served in the shadow of the bart tracks and out of the back of brother john's van on 47th blg avenue may be his last. and this could be the last man brother john ever helped. >> brother john's van, he stopped and backed up. then, all of a sudden three shots. then, i ducked. then, two more shots. >> shooter fired into the van with brother john and his family inside. 29-year-old brother john shot in the head now clinging to life. his wife grazed by a bullet, one daughter shot in the arm and another, not injured. police do not have a motive for a shooting they can only describe as senseless. >> they were just trying to do a good deal and feed people that were less fortunate. >> and while everyone on the streets knows brother john's name, few seem to know more about

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